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Jon said in November 28th, 2006 at 2:15

I remember that bank robbery in LA where the perps had assault rifles, and went fully auto while walking out in body armor. I’d bet the cops would’ve liked to have some heavy artillary in their trunks when that went down, six-shooters just don’t cut it.

Course if all the customers had assault rifles, the perps wouldn’t have made it out of the bank. 😀

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Matt said in November 28th, 2006 at 2:20

Good point. I am not sure about this concealed gun law. Why conceal them. Show everyone that you are packing. It may make someone think twice before commiting a crime, even if the victum is unarmed. Yeah, let’s take this purse, or kidnap a child in front of a half dozen people with guns. Great way to commit suicide.

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Jon said in November 28th, 2006 at 2:23

And besides it is plainly false that criminals use assault rifles, because there is a ban… er… was a ban on those…