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Jon said in December 22nd, 2006 at 9:22

Becky and Sundra were the epitome of FUTR strategery. Becky trying to explain that she was part of the Yul brain-trust was futile at best. Even if she was (and I think that she was the only real confidant that Yul had) trying to grab the coattails from Yul was funny.

Yul’s best move of the game was tearing out the clue that got him the immunity idol, so he kept that secret. Until the point in the game that it didn’t matter anymore.

Oz was the king of the challenges, really, Yul et al wouldn’t have had a chance if Ozzie had mutined like the other two losers.

I’m glad the schemeing caucasians didn’t make the final three or four. For all of Adam’s calling Jonathan a weasel, I’m glad Adam’s weaseling ways were exposed in the final reunion show. Good season. I’d still like to see a Survivor season set in a non-tropical locale, as it was this season was mostly a swimming contest.